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 1880 Thomas Rothkegel (b. 1840, d. 1911) started to work as a glazier in Falkenberg (Silesia)
 1896 The son of Thomas, Hermann (b. 1869, d. 1945) entered the school in Bresslau for his examination for the master craftsman´s diploma.
 1919 The son of Hermann, Johannes (g. 1905, d. 1994) started his training in his fathers workshop in Falkenberg. This was followed by some training outside his fathers workshop until 1923.
 1925-1934 After a one year as craftsman in his fathers company Johannes started his journyman years and went to Dresden, Quedlinburg and Cologne.
 1934 Johannes started his own workshop in Oppeln
 1941-1945 Johannes´s war service including a period as a prisoner-of-war with the British.
 1947 After returning to Germany he had a temporary job in Brunswick and then moved to Würzburg.
 1953 Johannes` son Michael (b. 1938) started his training in Brunswick

Michael attended glazier master school.

Michael is second from left below, together with two company craftsman.

 1972 Michael became a partner
 1978 Micheal started the production of lighting and became the head of the business.
 1986 Michael`s son Matthias (b. 1969) started his traning.
 1989 New premises built in Heuchelhof/Würzburg
 1994 Matthias qualified as master craftsman.
 1996 The glazier`s workshop moved to Heuchelhof
 1999 The administration moved to Heuchelhof

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