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The Glaziers Workshop

Lighting Manufacture

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Lightning - Fusing & Sandblasting - Restoration of Glass - Stained Glass


for historical and new buldings.

Manufacted in close work with the planner.

  • mosques & churches

  • bank buildings

  • hotels

  • companys

  • restaurants

Here you will finde more information in German about lighting

Chandelier with halogen bulbs
in a church in Heidelberg

Lighting in the
"Palai am Bundesrat", Berlin


Fusing &


  • interior design

  • facades

  • ceilings

  • partitions

  • windows

Fusingoven up to 3500 x 2100 mm

Sandblasting machines up to 3210 x 6000 mm*.

 Here you will finde more information in German about Fusing & Sandblasting. 

* = please ask for details.

Bankbuilding, Fusingglass in an fivefold-insulation glasing,
sixteen pices 2020 x 1550 mm, Design Prof. Federle (Photo DESAG)

Sandblasted glass in an shop,
Design Curd Lessig


Restoration of Glass


more than sevenhundred hours of training guarantee lasting work.


  • stained glass

  • painted glass

  • protective glazings for
    historical glass


Here you will finde more information in German about Restoration of Glass

St. Anna Sulzbach, befor / after the restoration


Stained Glass


Contemporary and traditional stained glass for mosques, business, churches und homes.

Based on the sketches by artists.

Here you will finde more information in German about our work with artists



Detail from an work of Wladimir Olenburg

Design Waltraud Wille


 And also remeber, our company is in Germany, so we do all business under German law, and not everything found on our webpages can be delivered in every country!

So please ask for details!