Exterior wall lamps and exterior floor lamps - as varied as your buildings

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Exterior lamps

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Die Glocke, Theatre in Bremen.
WB 85/SL 2-2 with modified overhang and base.

Exterior floor lamps in front of the Hyatt Hotel in Levantehaus Hamburg.
Click this Link to visit the hotel's website.

Exterior pendulum lamp in the arcades of the Palais at the Bundesrat in Berlin

Exterior wall lamp on the Blutenburg in Munich

For our exterior wall lamps we manufacture matching exterior floor lamps

we will of couse also produce lamps according with your sketch

Comprehensive Offer

Our standard offer:

  • Exterior wall lamps and floor lamps

Based on our ceiling lamps and pendulum lamps we will - if you wish so - also produce:

  • Exterior ceiling lamps
  • Exterior pendulum lamps
  • Lamps for house numbers

The Lamps

The lamps will be inserted in accordance with your wishes. Depending on the shape and size of the lamp we use:

  • AGL- lamps 60 to 200 W
  • TC and TC-D lamps of different watt
  • HME 80 W lamps
  • NAV 70 W lamps

The glass

All glasses with a thickness of 3-4 mm can be used. We recommend however "Resist" an unbreakable and UV-proof acrylic glass.

The Profiles

For our small exteror wall lamps we use profiles of lead, brass, copper or new silver.

For the exterior lamps with a base or holder lead profile can be used nature or varnished.

The base

The base will be made to your specification.

The base is hot-dip glavanised and can be varnished or powder-coated. It can be delievvered directly from our factory.

The shapes

The shapes are classical,timeless and geometrical.

Of course our exterior lamps can be made to specification like our other ranges of lamps.

For example changes in shape or size or the anti-glare rings.

Test certificates

The standard models of our exterior lamps all have the VDE sign and if necessary the spark protection signs. The kind of protecton these models have is IP44. Further models are being VDE tested at the moment

If requested the special models can also be VDE prooved.

Further sites:

projects with exterior lamps:

Further lamp series:

Individual exterior wall lamp with coat of arms instead of a house number

Exterior wall lamp

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