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With the fusing-glass technique you can design tree-dimensional objects like figures, lamps, bowls or even sinks, as well as two-dimensional glass-surfaces. Graphical dividing lines like there are in stained glass are not necesary.

Even distinct seperations between the coloured fusing glasses are not necessary and can be blurred by according techniques. (see right pictue)

According compatible basic glass is availabel from different manufacturers up to a size of about 2400 x 1600 mm per glass pane. Should larger panes be reuired they can be melted together.

A cobustion chamber of 3500 x 2100 mm in size is at our disposal . If the glass should only be formed differently and not be melted we can use different types of glass e.g. floatglass which is available in even larger dimensions.

Besides different coloured glass-panes we can also use: glass-powder, glass-sticks, glass-crubles, or melt metall or gold into the glass for the design.

Sandblasting and silk-screen printing techniques as well as glass- painting can be combined

The pages below provide detailed information.

Fusingglass in modern architecture


safety glass

inserts for doors





iin furnitur

Remarks on the Fusingglass technique




The motives will be ecactly as you wish it.

We have cooporated with a lot of artists who work with the fusing-glass technique. We offer them the euippment for the realization of their ideas.

Here you will find some examples of the artists' work (different techniques).

We would be pleased to contact them for you.

(on the left: a fusing glass tile produced by a draft of Sabine Wiedemann,
last picture: a fusing-glass sink)



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