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Preceeded by long developement work, we've managed to imitate historic cast glass up to a size of about 70 x 160 cm.

Generally we can say that bigger sizes are also makeable.

Not always a model of the panes which should be melted is neccessary. This is - like the costs - depending on detailes.
If you wish we can manufacture individual cast glasses for you.!

Please contact us if you wish that so we can go over the detailes.

Original and copy can only be determined when looking very closely. This offers the possibility to keep the historic impresion , e.g.. of a light ceiling. An expert however can see the difference.

This picture shows the reproduction quality and the size of the panes.

In Zürich we used this technique to restore a historic cast-glass ceiling.

All in all 130 m2 with 3 different structures have been melted

  • a flower structure
  • a rhomb structure
  • a line sttructure

Panes of a size up to 943 x 1.133 mm bzw. 517 x 1.632 mm have been manufactured.



We would love to advice you sizeof our oven (3500 x 2100 cm)

Please contact us by fax +49-931-60096-19, e-mail or use our Responseform for the realisation of your ideas.