Some examples of brass, copper nickel silver or lead profile lamps from our comprehensive programme for the preservation of ancient monuments

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Brass lamps and lead lamps

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click here to find information on restoring or or on re-manufacturing historical lamps for the preservation of historic monuments

Brass lamp in a staircase at the residence in Wuerzburg.

Wall lamps and pendulum lamps at the "Wasserwerk" in Bonn

Wall lamps and pendulim lamps of lead profiles in the church of Erdmannshausen

Especially when not illuminated our classical brass lamps and lead lamps show their elegance.

Our lamps also look great in modern churches

Brass lamps in a baroque church

Wide range of lamps

we offer:

  • Wall lamps
  • Ceiling lamps
  • Pendulum lamps

To complete this range of products we also offer:

  • Chandeliers
  • Exterior lamps

The illuminants

for the illumination we use:

  • AGL-Lamps
  • TC and TC-D-Lamps

The glass

All glasses with a thickness of 3-4 mm can be put in. (Coloured glass, fusing glass, clear/painted glass, sandblasted glass a.s.o)

The Profiles

we have profiles made of:

  • lead,
  • brass,
  • bronzed brass,
  • nickel silver,
  • copper,

The forms

the forms are mostly classical or geometric e.g. circles, rectangulars or stars.

Structures can be developed through combinations.

Special forms like diagonal crosses and ogives can also be added to the chandeliers.

The quality marks

All our standard inerior lamps have the VDE-, F-, and if neccessary the spark securety sign.

Further models are being VDE tested at the moment.

If requested special models can be VDE tested.

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Other Series:

multiplyed lamp with 9 illuminants (4 AGL illuminants on top, 4 on the bottom and one holder in the centre) in the church of Jüterbourg

Custom-made pendulum lamps made of opaque glass.

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