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The Architecture - The Lamps - The realisation

The Architecture

For centuries natural light shone through the windows of churches.

Even back then the light was used to create special atmospheres by forming and and colouring the window glass in special ways.

Ever since there is artificial light church lamps are used to support that special atmosphere.



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The Lamps

As different as the architecture in churches is, as different are the wishes of the custumer and so varied are the possible solutions:

No matter if a serial lamp is chosen, if it is a modifierd lamp or a custom-made one.

Chandeliers, Streamer, Pendulum lamps, Ceiling lamps, Wall exterior lamps, Floor exterior lamps, Brass lamps, ...

We make your wishes come true!

The Architecture - The Lamps - The Realisaton - Home

The Realisation


For the fullfilling of your wishes as a community, architect, engineer or monument conservator we offer you:

  • A comprehensive lamp programme with different lamp series from differnet lamp families.
  • VDE-tested standardmodells
  • Comprehensive references
  • The possibility for custom-made lamps, manufactured according to your wishes
  • Helpful service and advice

Further information about the following:

Restored lamps & lamp replikas in churches:

Manufactured lamps in churches:

White Series in churches:

Brass and lead lamps in churches:

Matt lamps in churches:

Chandeliers in churches:

Exterior lamps in front of churches:


The Architetur - The Lamps - The Realisation - Home

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