Modern chandeliers for new architecture

In new buildings or in buildings listed as historic monuments

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Chandeliers for new architecture

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Halogen-chandelier for the new rooms of the Restaurant & Hotel Mittermeier in Rothenburg o.d.T. It was custom-made sfter coprehensive advice .

Chandeliers with Halogen lighting as a general light are completed by streaming light.

Direct and indirect light creates an even light.

From a wall lamp to a small chandelier.

Classical elegance. Chandeliers equipped only with AGL-lightings.

Modern chandeliers in historic buildings connect the old and the new.Here we have direct halogenlightings and indirect TC-Lightings.

This chandelier was put into the Court of Sangerhausen.

Complete range of products.

To complete our programm of modern

  • Wall lamps
  • Ceiling-lamps
  • pendulum lamps

we have developed fitting

  • chandeliers

The illuminants

For the euipment we use:

  • AGL-Lampes
  • TC and TC-D-illuminants
  • HME-Lamps
  • QR-CBC-Lamps
  • QT-DE-illuminants

Especially for chandeliers it is important to chose the right illuminant and the right light control e.g. through seperately switchable on/off switches or dimmer for for a satisfying effect.

The glass

Modern chandeliers are often manufactured without glass.

  • Put we can also put in coloured
  • glass or fusing glass and/or clear or sandplasted glass.

    The material / the surface

    we put in

    • steel
    • high--grade steel
    • brass a.s.o.

    The surface can be

    • natural
    • gold plated
    • chrome
    • nickeld
    • varnished or
    • powder-coated

    The forms

    The forms are geometrical e.g. circles, rectangular

    It is possible to form more complex forms through combination.

    Specific forms e.g. diagonal crosses rectangular or triangular shapes can also be formed.

    The quality marks

    The standard models of our manufactured lamps all have the VDE quality sign

    This high standard is also true for our chandeliers which are always manufactured custom-made. Chandeliers can also be VDE-tested if you should wish so.

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