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Wall lamp with two TC-D 26W illuminants, also possible with TC-DSE, QT-DE or HIT-DE illuminants.

Lighting in a classical church with indirect shining lamps.

Pendulum lamp with QR-CBC, Halopin ®, Q-PAR 16 in the cath. church St. Vicelin in Lübeck

Custom-made WM 94/P 4-6 with TC-DSE & Q-PAR 16 illuminants in the convent Haydau

Wall spot, here with QT-DE 12 / 500 W, also with HIT-DE 150 W.

Wall spot with HIT-DE 150 W with electric ballast and TC-D 26 W

Our Programm

Lamps from Rothkegel in Würzburg are manufactured as:

  • Wall lamps
  • Wall spots
  • Ceiling lamps
  • Pendulum lamps
  • Pendulum spots

We also manufacture:

  • Chandeliers

which can be developed on the basis of the lamps

The illuminants

We use:

  • AGL-Lamps
  • TC and TC-D- illuminants
  • QT-DE illuminants
  • QR-CBC- illuminants
  • HIT-DE- illuminants

We can also put

  • emergency lights

into all our lamps.

The Cover

For the covers we use the materials metal, plexi-glass or glass.

We can also use coloured glass or fusing glass and/or clear, painted glass (classical stained glass)

Sandplasted glasses can also be put into most of our lmps

The Material / the Surfac

We put in:

  • steel,
  • high-grade steel
  • Brass a.s.o.

The surfaces can be

  • natural
  • gold-plated,
  • chrome-plated,
  • nickel-plated,
  • varnished
  • powder-coated

The forms

The forms are geometrical e.g. circles, rectangular

It is possible to form more complex forms through combination.

Specific forms e.g. diagonal crosses rectangular or triangular shapes can also be formed.

The quality marks

The standard models of our manufactured lamps all have the VDE quality sign.

Further models are being VDE-tested at the moment.

If you should wish so our special lamps can also get the VDE-sign.

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Custom-made WM 90/P 3-4 H with clearance in the connecting plate.


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