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Dining hall of the Rotkäppchen champagne producer in Freyburg

Fechenheim near Coburg, church hall , TC-D equipped lamps

Ev. Church Fielderstadt-Plattenhart near Stuttgart

Matt lamps have been especially developed to adjust our lamps even more to your wishes and to mimimize the glare.

Besides, our matt lamps are perfectly suitable to affix your logo, house number, room number, coat of arms a.s.o. permanently.

Comprehensive Programme

Matt lamps are available as

  • Wall lamps
  • Ceiling lamps
  • Pendulum lamps
  • Exterior lamps

We can of course also use matt lamps for our chandeliers.

The Illuminants

For the equippment of our lamps we use:

  • AGL-Lamps
  • TC and TC-D-Lamps

The Glass

We can generally put in all glasses with a denseness of 3-4mm.

Coloured glass, fusing glass, clear glass, stained glass or sandblasted glass can be put in.

The Profiles

We put in:

  • Brass
  • Lead
  • Bronzed brass
  • Silver
  • Copper

The forms

The forms are geometrical e.g. circles, rectangular

It is possible to form more complex forms through combination.

Specific forms e.g. diagonal crosses rectangular or triangular shapes can also be formed.

The quality marks

The standard models have the VDE quality sign.

Further models are being VDE-tested at the moment.

If you should wish so our special lamps can also get the VDE-sign.

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