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application - safety - motives

Motive of a waiter sandblasted on tempered glass in a shop for working clothes
draft: Curd Lessig

Sandblasted shelves for the shoe shop
Tretter in Munich.

The application
Sandblasted glass is usually found in exclusive interior equippment in private homes, in shops (left), in practices, offices, in restaurants and cafes or in public buildings. Sandblasted objects are making impressive accents there. They are used as seperation walls or motives which show a special profession, they contain the company's logo or the coat of arms, they are used as advertisement or for the design of glass-tables or glass-closet doors.

Glass panes of all sizes can be sandblasted.

To make our sandblasted glass pane resistant against dirt we use Clear-Shield.

This process can also be used as a protection against dirt on other glass-products e.g. in showers or heavily dirt-endangered glass-panes in shopping malls.
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Examples for sandblasted seperation walls.

home - application - safety - motives

Logo of the Hotel & Restaurans "Rebstock" in Würzburg sandblasted on real antique sheet glass

The safety
Besides of the valerisation of rooms sandblasting can also be used as a protection from injurys e.g. bruises trough doors made of glass.

In the technicl information of the institut of the glazier-industry in Hadamar it says in the issue IV/91 on page 9: "On doors made of glass the edges should be in clear contrast to the whole area in e.g. in terms of colour. Here sandblasting offers the possibility of a lasting and shapely contrast" .

Sandblasting can also be done on tempered glass and laminated glass.

NEW! fire protection glass can now also be sandblasted.

The mattening of glass with the help of sandblasting is also more environmentally friendly than the mattening with the help of acid,

home - application - safety - motives

illuminated table with sand-blasted logo

narrow angle lighting fitted floatglas

A further combination possibility: sandblasted glass with affixed coloured glass here with facette.

The motives
At the moment you can chose from over 6.000 motives. But of course it is also possible for you to give us your own graphic work. Your logo, coat of arms, a photo etc.
It also has to be mentioned that motives can be blasted "positive" or "negative" this means that the area is clear and the motive matt or the motive is clear and the area matt.
Beside sandblasting we also do narrow angle lighting fitting on glass. With this we can do structures.

Example of an narrow angle lighting fitted logo .
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Some sandblasted motives you can find here or send us your desired motive e.g. by fax: +49-(0)931-60096-19.
Some examples of graphic sandblasting work , e.g. for furniture or interior design I (seperation walls) you can find here.
We would be pleased to make you an offer.

home - application - safety - motives

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