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Because we want your building project to be exactly what you had in mind.

You can:

  • ask us to modify our lamps according to your special needs and wishes
  • give us your own sketch of a lamp for us to realize
  • ask us for suggestions of a certain lamp e.g. for a special room
  • have historic lamps restored or reproduced

You as a planner will see the result for many years. That's why the lamp should be exactly the way you want it.

double ceiling lamp in a house

modified arm and pole on an exterior lamp

Detailed pages:

Chandeliers: Because our chandeliers are always custom-made.

specials lamps and heavily modified serial lamps

slightly modified lamps:

resoted lamps:

A selection of possible surfaces

8-edged wall lamps used as ceiling lamps
with reflector hanging on

Ceiling lamp according to instructions of the planne as a follow-up to a wall lamp

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