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Modern glass is very resistent against acid and lyes . With the help of hydroflouric acid however, it can be etched.

Matt etching as well as mostly clear etching is possible.

With the help of other chemicals other effects can be made. .

Please ask us for details.

Since glass-etching is - unlike sandblasting - not environmentally friendly we only use it for special effects like the brush structure on real antique sheet glass, shown on the left.

Here it creates fascinating possibilities.

We mainly use glass-etching for modern glass design (see picture on the left) a design by a draft of Wladimir Olenburg.

But also for traditional glass design like the coat of arms below we use the etching technique.,

We also etch glass for the technical/industrial use.

For the research department of a big automobile company we manufactured a sample for the application in the car building industry.

Please ask us for details.

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