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In the technique of stained glass these techniques can also be included:

For stained glass we conect single pieces of glass with the help of lead profiles.

We always have about 500 different colours and colour shades in stock.

Stained glass can also be put in front of or in insulation glass-panes.

On the contrary to that "art-glazing" is offered with glued leads and foil. With this kind of glazing, you bring on the foil on the complete glass-pane. Should it break the whole glazing is destroyed. With the traditional stained glass however only single damaged glass panes are replaced.

Besides interesting effects such as a partial etching or an etching with the brush structures cannot be achieved.

I.E. almost every window can be equipped with this traditional technique without you having to do without modern standards like security and thermal insulation.

We would be pleased to assist you if you need advice for your window.

We will also make your coat of arms.Stained glass with ornamentglasses and facettes.

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Our workshop works according to YOUR wishes & requests!

We will assist you with the glass design or the restoration of your building

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