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Before it is worked on the historic glazing the condition has to be seized, if possible on the building itself. This is neccesarry to coordinate the measures for the restoration process and to create the basic data.

After the decisions about the restoration-concept are made all works on the originals are recorded in the documentation graphically, written and/or photographic.

The documentation can have different extents. It goes from a simple outline documentation with e.g. photos of the whole window to a complete documentation with photos of the inside and outside in reflected light and transmitted light as well as microscopy takings. If neccessary the documentation can also be done with the help of the computer.

The exact extent of the documentation will be discussed in the preliminary stages with you and the authorities of the restoration office.

We have the neccessary equippment for the documentation. From digital-cameras to reflex-cameras with different special objektives up to medium format cameras and microscopes.

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