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Many steps and decisions are neccessary to restore a painting as strongly damaged as the left

St. Anna / Sulzbach befor and after restoration

And still it can never get its original state again.

Since it is not the same glass-painter with the same material and the same oven who worked on the picture 100 years ago.

That's why we only work in strong cooperation with the local office for restoration of historic monuments as well as with the planer.

Together with those we can work out concepts which help making decisions.

We are also testing on samples to find the best way for a solution.


No matter if restoring the lead or restoring the glass-painting - we always make sure before starting what works will be done.

It can be assured that we try to keep as many of the old material to find the best solution for everyone.

Our qualified employees, many continuation courses , and our equippment help to keep the high standart.

A very importent part in the work with glass takes the microscope.

It can e.g. help to determine how much cleaning will be neccessary.

The photo on the left shows some white and brown blemishes.

Please also visit our other sites about glass restoration.

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