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We emphazise the importence of regular training and further education courses.

Here's a little except from the courses we attended (new ones you will find at the end of the list ):

  • Friedrichsfeld colloquium of the CVMA

  • Lecture "colour glazing in medival churches, restoration of historic monuments between science and in practise " by Dr. Ernst Bacher of the Academy of sciencen and literature, Mainz

  • Historic glass paintings: risks throgh surface treatments - 3. Workshop in the Fraunhofer-Institut for research ISC-Bronnbach

  • Restoration and conservation of historic glass paintings, results of a research project in Cologne in the roman-germanic museum

  • "photo-/computer documentation - possibilities and limits of analog and digital photo documentation of glass paintings and glass work", German centre for craftsmen and restoration of historic monuments, Propstei Johannesberg, Fulda e.V.

  • Further training for medium-sized and small glass restoration companies , conservation measures for historic glass damaged by environmental influences .

    Short titel "Further training in the glass painting restoratiion ", supported by the German federal project environment in cooperation with the Dombauhütte in Erfurt, the Dombauhütte in Cologne and the Fraunhofer-Institut for Silicat research (ISC),

    In the course of the seminar an essay with the title: "Assessment of the environmental conditions when stocking historic glazings in glass-restoration offices" (PDF-file 272 KB) (in German) was introduced..

  • Laser cleaning of historic glass paintings - interim balance sheet of a research project of the laser centre of the FH Münster, the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen, the dome administration office Cologne and the dome office Erfurt. Supported by the German Federal office for environment in the convent Bronnbach.

  • "Partly reconstructed glass paintings of the Salvator church in Munich before its rebuilding" a colloquium of the Bayerischen Landesamtes für Denkmalpflege im Ausstellungssaal der Mayer`schen Hofkunstanstalt.

  • Art, Technique and Science, The Creation of Stained Glass between 1830 an 1930. Comité Wallon pour le Vitrail Associé au Corpus Vitrearum, Liège - Belgien

  • Modellhafte removel of environmental damages on the valuable historic glass windows in the gothic house Wörlitz.

  • XX International Conference, Corpus Vitrearum, Secular Patronage and Piety in the Later Middle Ages, Bristol - UK

  • Developement and application of methods to restore valuable glass paintings in Saxony and Poland - mainly from the century-

  • Interim report to the DBU-project "treatments of yellowed areas with hydarzin" treatment on yellowed glass-paintings from the middle-ages in the federal office for material research and checking, Berlin.

  • 4ème forum international sur la conservation et la technologie du vitrail historique. Le vitrail comme un tout, Histoire, techniques, déontologie des restitutions et compléments / Glass painting as a whole history, technique and method of the reconstruction and supplements. Troyes, Frankreich

  • Historic glass painting techniques - practical and theoretic programm for restoration.Training in the painting techniques of the 16. century and the time beetween 1830 and 1880.

  • Protection of quality in modern restoration - possibilities and limits, arranged by the historic monuments office Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart

  • Historic window lead - event of the Bavarian office for the restoration of historic monuments. In the area of Schwaben

  • Final colloqium to the restoration of the windows in the dome of Erfurt, subsided by the DBU

  • Final colloqium to the DBU Glass painting project St. Sebald Nürnberg

  • XII International colloquium of the CVMA in Nuremberg and Regensburg

  • Study day for restoration and conservation of glass windows and glass paintings at the college of Erfurt (see picture)
Some impresions of the a.m. trainings and courses.

8 of all in all 9 emploees of our workshop at a training in Erfurt

Église Saint Jacques - Liège B

gotic house Wörlitz - Saxony-Anhalt

St. Marys Church - Fairford UK

Dom of Meissen - Saxony

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