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A modern exterior protective glazing (epg) is at the momentt the best protection for glass-paintings.

Comprehensive scientific research has showed this. At the same time, it found out certain criterias that a exterior protective glazing should have.

Abiding this criteria, there are many individual solutions possible of which some are shown below.

How a exterior protective glazing works:

After a restoration a historic glazing should be protected by a exterior protective glazing.

This system offers protection against mechanic damage (e.g. throwing of stones) and delayes the chemical destruction of the glazing.

Exterior protective glazings are always custom-made for the building.

For the "prolonging of the studs" alone there are 8 varieties, with further detailed solutions.

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On the left you can see on of the important things of an exterior protective glazing.

  • enough ventilation
  • framing of the glass-paintings
  • protection glass-pane sourrounded by lead at least 6 mm laminated glass
  • lead on the sides to prevent light-streaming.

The effect of the exterior protective glazing can be checked through air -current measuring.

Please ask us for more information.

Exterior protective glazing over the whole area

Example of a church window completely equipped with an exterior protective glazing. Pictures of the window before and after an exterior protective glazing which is made of a laminated glass-pane 6 mm made of two float glass panes 3 mm.

Alternatively it is also possible to use laminated glass with gently structured glass like Magira® or the seperation of the exterior protective glazing as a lead glazing.


partial exterior protective glazing

If windows are only partialy euipped with a lead glazing it is also possible to install a exterior protective glazing only on this area of the window.

This is especially a good solution if you want to protect valuable glazings with little money .


Cath. church Seßlach

exterior protective glazing as lead glazing

A further alternative is the use of a lead glazing as an exterior protective glazing.

If for example in a window only smaller areas have to be replaced e.g. when they are broken due to destruction which could require the use of synthetic resin and therefore make an exterior protective glazing necessary.

The impression from the outside is better than using a whole glass-pane for the v exterior protective glazing.

Further example

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We do not only deliver the exterior protective glazing but also the information which will help you and all other people involved to make a decision.

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