Some examples for the uses of painted glass and
glazing designed by artists.

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Examples of glass designed by artists

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Every building needs an individual solution for its glass design.

Every artist developes their own style when working with the material glass and all of its diversity and designing possibilities.

It is our job to help you making your wishes come true --- as an artist or as a customer looking for an artist to designd the glass. We help the artist with the execution of his drafts and we also install the object.

Please take a look at those sites too:

Prof. Helmut Federle

Facade in the branch office of the
lstate central bank Saxony-Thuringia
in Meiningen
(Foto Schott DESAG)

Angelika Groth

Window with the Virgin Mary in the catholic church of trinity
in Wiesbaden

Patrick Heinlein

illuminated glass
in an office

Helmut Hirte

funeral parlour
in Obernburg - Eisenberg

Renate Jung

illuminated glass object
in the entrance hall of an entrepreneur


Norbert Kleinlein

tax office
in Schweinfurt

Ina Krieglstein

dentist surgery
in Hamburg

Jesus made of glass

evang. church Hochheim

Florian Leitl

in Bad Kissingen

Dr. Jürgen Lenssen

St. Johannes
in Mainbernheim

Curd Lessig

cathedral of Lomé
in Togo

evang. church

St. Josef hospital


funeral parlour at the cementry
in Würzburg

private home
in Athens

bathroom design in glass
shower door & bath window


fusssing draft

Friedrich May

holding area
iin a clinic

in an offiice building

lobby of a
insurance institution

fusing drafts

Hans-Dieter Mayer

panes for high-grade steel collumn
office / Argo-Konzerte

Katrin Engel-Meyer

Community centre
of the Baptist community of Nürnberg

Wladimir Olenburg

tax office

glass pane
as a partition in a bed room

St. Adalberokirche

private home

Fusing door drafts

Peter Peppel

light object "the blue flower"

Ambros Roten

Wallplastique made of aluminium and fusingglass in a bank.

Johannes Schreiber

Erhard Schütze

"art work"

sand plasted work
private home

Theophil Steinbrenner

to a swimming pooll

entrance door
to a winery

Wanda Stokwisz

"Virgin Mary "

Sabine Wiedemann

art work

stand on the fair "glasstec"


Waltraud Wille

in Iphofen.


fusing door

  • Further examples of projects

    In cooperation with architects and customers coloured glazings in many techniques are created.. Some examples you can find here:

    • Bad Füssing
      casino, glass ceiling & -walls, architecture firm Alexander Freiherr von Branca

    • Lauffen
      winery, illuminated fusing glass pane above the entrance area.

    • Nürnberg
      old people's home, window glazing in fusing technique

    • Hammelburg
      old people's home, glazing in fusing and sandblasting technique

    • private home
      glazing in fusing technique
    • private home
      sandblasting techniques in living room

    • private home
      lead glazing in staircase

    Further ones here and here.

    Here you find examples of deceased artists.

    • Berlin
      Hedwigs cathedral, Carl Clobes († 1996)

    We would be pleased to contact those artists for you e.g. for a personal glass project.

    Please ccontact us by Fax +49-931-60096-19, e-mail or use our response form for the realisation of your wishes.

    We would be pleased to advice you in the realisation of your building project.

    You are an artist and would like information about the possibilities in our workshop?

    Some infos you can find here or contact. us personally!